Sustainable Development Goals of Mapúa University

Sustainable Development Goals of Mapúa University

Sustainable Development Goals of Mapúa University

University SDG-related Policies

ISO 14001:2015

We are ISO 14001:2015 certified, and our environmental management system testifies our dedication in reducing our carbon footprint. This helps us to reduce waste, improve resource efficiency, diminish the risk of pollution incidents and cut the cost of waste management.

Good Health and Well-Being

Mapua University is a smoke-free campus as it strictly follows Executive Order No. 26 of the Office of the President, and the ordinances of the City of Manila and the City of Makati on No Smoking Policy. The No Smoking policy is integrated in policies and guidelines for employees, students, including outsiders. No smoking campaign is also included in the Cardinal Health Corner.

Gender Equality Policy

To build a gender-sensitive friendly environment, Mapua University has programs for the academic and non-academic community to be aware of the different needs, roles, and responsibilities of women and men. This policy will enable us to meet the statutory obligations, the duty to eliminate sexual discrimination and sexual harassment, and the duty to promote gender equality of opportunity between men and women.

Clean Water and Sanitation

As the global demand for clean and sustainable water increases exponentially each year, Mapua University has water conservation policy and programs to maximize water across the university.

Divestment Policy on fossil fuels (coal, natural gas & petroleum)

Mapua University adopted the divestment policy on fossil fuels on January 1, 2021, to fulfill our moral responsibility to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions. The policy states that the University:

  • Shall continue to seek for more research projects in renewable energy, new technology, and energy efficiency to become a more sustainable world.
  • Shall not accredit suppliers or contractors whose primary business is the exploration or extraction of fossil fuels, including all forms of coal, oil, and natural gas.
  • Shall take measures to prevent, minimize, and control the use of any fossil fuels or direct greenhouse gas emissions, which affects climate change by accelerating. the adoption of renewable energy projects/activities and new technologies.
  • Shall divest from high carbon-emitting companies regardless of their industry sector, including the fossil fuel industry.
  • Shall not engage in any projects that will not protect our natural resources, including the protection of our habitats.
  • Shall conserve energy and water resources by gradually using new technology or purchasing environment-friendly equipment/facilities.
  • Energy- Efficient Renovation or Construction Guidelines
  • Energy Conservation Guidelines
  • Transportation Policy

Reduced Inequalities

To reduce inequality among its students and employees, Mapua University implements non-discrimination policies that are applicable for everyone – regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs or economic status.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Mapúa University has set programs, processes, and guidelines to reduce the amount of waste produced to promote a more sustainable society and protect the environment.
Below are the goals and priorities for school waste at the University:

Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies