Sustainable Development Goals of Mapúa University

Sustainable Development Goals of Mapúa University

Sustainable Development Goals of Mapúa University

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  1. Mapúa joins global impact rankings for second year straight
  2. Mapúa celebrates milestone of student-inventor Carvey Maigue, provides avenue for innovation to flourish
  3. Mapúa continues to create virtual avenues for students to acquire global career practices and perspectives
  4. Mapúa celebrates young innovators for community development and social change in Cardinal Challenge 2021
  5. Mapúa study on risks in green building projects in the Philippines recognized in the 2021 World Congress on Engineering
  6. Mapúa graduate student’s invention has positive impact on global aviation, local farming


  1. Mapúa University enters global Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings
  2. Mapúa student bags 3rd place in ArchiNEXT young designers’ competition
  3. Mapúa launches disaster warning app for Marinduque
  4. Mapúa student enters international James Dyson Awards Top 20 with inclusive invention
  5. Mapúa students win in Accenture tech competition with innovative, inclusive public transportation solution
  6. Mapúa and Universiti Malaya host webinar on advanced materials and chemical technology
  7. Mapúa and Universiti Technology PETRONAS host a colloquium on renewable energy
  8. Mapúa student Carvey Maigue is the first Sustainability Winner of James Dyson Award; talks about fighting climate change with his award-winning invention AuREUS


  1. Mapúa to open new modern city-inspired Makati extension campus by 2020
  2. Mapua engineers develop dam monitoring system
  3. DOST, Mapua University launches USHER as aid in ensuring disaster resilience of structures
  4. Mapua tops Holcim Sustainable Design Competition
    Date: Jun. 17, 2019


  1. Mapua holds forum water quality assessment, monitoring
    Date: Nov. 3, 2018
  2. Mapúa University to host the 2018 International Conference on Sustainable Environmental Technologies (ICSET)
    Date: Aug. 17, 2018


  1. Mapua students power up Dumagats’ community with ‘Bathala’ renewable energy solution
  2. Mapua develops remote bridge-monitoring technology