Sustainable Development Goals of Mapúa University

Sustainable Development Goals of Mapúa University

Sustainable Development Goals of Mapúa University

Zero Hunger

As a commitment to empowering all students, Mapúa University offers a variety of scholarships, academic grants, and financial aid programs (Mapúa Scholarships - Mapua). These programs aim to support education and build a brighter future for every student, regardless of economic challenges due to poverty and food insecurity. The University's Center for Scholarships and Financial Assistance actively works to bridge the gap and create a level playing field, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students, especially those facing financial struggles.

The University offers scholarships with stipends, meal and book allowances, and free full/half or discounted matriculation fees. The University's canteen also has multiple concessionaires offering students and personnel various affordable food and beverage options. The goal is to alleviate poverty through education and provide students with the necessary resources to succeed academically.

Students and Staff Hunger Interventions

Mapua University offers students and employees a range of healthy, affordable, and sustainable food and beverage options. To ensure the quality and safety of the food served, all canteen concessionaires must source ingredients from local farmers and local suppliers with Food and Drug Administration approval, as stipulated in their contracts.

The University's main canteen and all other food stalls operate for 11 hours daily, except holidays and Sundays. They offer breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner to meet the dietary requirements of students and employees. The menu features affordable, nutritionally balanced foods, fruits, and beverages.


To help students from low-income backgrounds, some scholars receive a meal allowance and stipend to provide them with hot meals every day while they are on campus. Financial assistance is also available to students facing financial difficulties that may lead to hunger, provided they have demonstrated academic excellence.

One of the main objectives of Mapua University is to admit students from all backgrounds, including those from low-income families. As such, the University is committed to finding ways to assist deserving students facing financial difficulties.