Partnership for the Goals (SDG 17)

Partnership for the Goals (SDG 17)

Partnership for the Goals (SDG 17)


Mapua University has existing MOAs with five (5) local government units (LGU) in Manila, Philippines. The University provides technical expertise in undertaking different projects for the benefit of the environment and general welfare of the community.

Existing MOAs with LGUs:
Activities: Seminar/Conference
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Other Extension Service Activities:


Mapua University, through the Office of International Linkages for Research and Development (ILRAD), has forged collaboration with Tainan Hydraulics Laboratory - National Cheng Kung University (THL-NCKU) and Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC) in Taiwan. The agreements cover the following activities: joint or collaborative research projects, joint conferences, joint publications, professional advancement, scholarship program, and hosting of students.

The Office of International Linkages for Research and Development (ILRAD) initiated the organization of the International Conference for Sustainable Environment Technologies (ICSET). Through the conference, RDI outputs related to SGDs are shared and discussed among the conference participants from various countries. The ICSET 2013 was held on Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, 2013 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel with the theme: Education and Training for the Uptake of Sustainable Environmental Technologies – Enhancing Knowledge Base for Non – Toxic Environment and Poverty Alleviation. Priority thematic areas for the parallel technical sessions are (1) Water and Wastewater Treatment Process (WWTP), (2) Recycling, Reuse and Risk Reduction (R4), (3) Toxic and Hazardous Substances and Wastes Management (THSWM), (4) Air Pollution Control and Prevention (APCP), (5) Environmental and Health Risk Assessment (EHRA), (6) Separation and Low-Carbon (SLC), (7) Built Environment and Natural Disaster Detection (BENDD), (8) Industrial Design Technologies for Green Economy (IDTGE), (9) Alternative and Renewable Energy (ARE), (10) Urban and Coastal Engineering (UCE), (11) Nanotechnology and Material Science (NMS) and (12) Environmental Education and Training Technique (EETT).

The ICSET 2018 was held on Aug. 19 – 21, 2018 at Mapua University, Intramuros, Manila with the theme: “Innovation and Technopreneurship for Sustainable Environment and Development”. ICSET 2018 priority areas are (1) Natural Resources, Regeneration, Waste Utilization, (2) Catchment, River Quality & Management, (3) Environmental Modelling and Analytical Methods, (4) Water Treatment and Resources, (5) Information & Communication Technology for Environment, (6) Risks Assessment and Disaster Reduction, (7) Environmental Chemistry and Sciences, (8) Air Quality, Aerosol and Climate Change, (9) Building Industry and Sustainability, (10) Waste, Wastewater Technology, (11) Renewal Energy and Resources and (12) Resource Utilization and Environmental Challenges.

Mapua has an agreement with three (3) international scientific journal publications, Taiwan Water Conservancy (TWC), Sustainable Environment Research (SER) and Journal of Environmental Science and Management (JESAM). These publications are obliged, through the Memorandum of Agreements, to publish the scientific papers presented in ICSET. This way, the scientific papers containing critical information related to SDGs are publicized.

Mapua University launched the “I GO FOR VALUE” initiative in 2010 where “R” stands for Research on Sustainable Development and Environmental Footprint Reduction. This initiative prompted the establishment of the Sustainable Development Research Office (SDRO) in 2011. SDRO became instrumental in obtaining Mapúa membership to the Global Universities Partnership on Environment for Sustainability (GUPES) established by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). SDRO also initiated in-campus research and awareness campaign, in cooperation with the Office of Social Orientation and Community Involvement Program (SOCIP). SOCIP has supported the Office of ILRAD especially in hosting international inbound foreign research students.

As of January 2019, SDRO is to be renamed into “Resiliency and Sustainable Development Center (RSDC)” to emphasize “resiliency” and “sustainable development” in alignment with global sustainability initiatives.

Mapua University collaborates with other foreign universities and research centers to tackle SDG-related initiatives through research programs.

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